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WWOOF is the acronym for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms ( which is an organisation that connects people who farm organically with people who want to experience life on organic farms. We have been hosting volunteers for several years now, with great success. The idea is that we the hosts provide you with food and accommodation, and you the volunteer provide us with help with our work.

We tend to have volunteers for large projects, rather than just the day to day running of the farm, as the idea that we would rely permanently on “free” labour to run our business seems a little unethical. The olive harvest itself is our only relaxation to this rule; whilst we could pick all our olives ourselves, it would take us about 3 months. With help we can get it done in three or four weeks. Besides, as the culmination of the year’s work, it seems uncharitable not to give people the chance to see the finished article first hand.

We also take volunteers from HelpX and Workaway